Richard Howarth, Green Party

Richard Howarth at Beverley Cross


Richard Howarth – biodiesel engineer, bookkeeper, and low energy home renovator.

Standing up for our NHS, our public services, and for our rights.

Standing up for our environment, and a safe climate.

It is time to put people before profit, with decent, well funded public services, and safe clean energy.

Big business has taken over our country, and it's time to take back control.

We are one of the richest countries in the world, so austerity is not a necessity, it is a cruel political choice by a government in the pocket of big business.

Yet queues at food banks are still growing, and people are dying in hospital corridors. While our living standards fall, community centres close, and vital services fail, the very richest have got vastly richer.  This economic incompetence will cost far more in the long run.  

But all that pales in the face of climate change. The science cannot be negotiated – most fossil fuels must stay in the ground, never mind fracking.

We cannot continue with the fantasy economics of infinite growth from finite resources, polluting as if there was no cost.  We will have no economy left without a strong and stable environment.

In our broken and outdated voting system, the Tories can't win in Hull and can't loose in the East Riding – so you are free to vote for what you believe in.

So let's put people before profit.

Let's Stand Up For What Matters, and Vote Green.





Great policies, but rather familiar. So what's the point in voting Green?



Some great policies:
- nationalise railways & energy industries, 
- ban zero hours contracts, 
- increase tax rate for wealthy, 
- build more affordable homes.
- scrap tuition fees 

We say NHS not Trident.
We say actually invest a decent amount in our invaluable public services, more in line with our European neighbours.
You cannot pour money in to nuclear power, and invest in renewables at the scale we need.
And it is pure fantasy to claim we
 can seriously tackle climate change whilst expanding airports and road building.

The world is fundamentally changing, whether we like it or not, and only the Green Party seriously acknowledge this.  Plans to mange a transition to a steady state, low carbon economy, and a better world have existed for years – all we need is the political will to implement them.



Health & Social Care crisis & solutions


Health & Social care is in crisis due to underfunding and privatisation. It's time we treat ourselves with dignity and respect with properly funded and decent care.

Instead of notoriously expensive and fragmented private care, we propose a single care provider, a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS, free at the point of use. It could easily be paid for through fairer taxation, in a more equal society.


For more on our vision for our NHS, and of a Confident and Caring Britain, see

Our 2017 Green Guarantee - 10 Key Pledges




A Practical Solution to the Energy Crisis - The Region's First Superhome


Richard believes that talking solutions is not enough – we must act to create change, and so took direct action on his own home.

The result is a showcase of what could be achieved on a mass scale right now – if people were given the support required.  The only thing stopping us is political will.

Decent, low energy homes are more healthy to live in, and cheaper to run.  Not only do they lift people out of fuel poverty and miserable living conditions, but they can even save the NHS money as a result of fewer GP and hospital visits.  They quite literally save lives. - Transforming a typically inefficient Hull terraced into a cosy, low energy Superhome