Axe Drax' Gas Plans

8 December 2018

Axe Drax

Drax, the huge coal burning power station near where the M62 rises high over the Ouse, is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas pollution in Europe, and is so old and dirty it should have closed under EU law. Instead, to get round this, they started co-firing with wood, and it is now the biggest burner of wood for electricity in the world.

They trash forests, including old growth forests in the southern US, process woodland into wood chip, ship it half way around the planet, load it on to those trains passing through Hull, and then inefficiently burn them, wasting heat from the cooling towers – and generate even more CO2 than coal in the process. This is documented in the film 'Burned – Are Trees The New Coal' (screening in Cottingham in March by FoE). And we pay them to do it, out of our energy bills.

Drax is paid a staggering subsidy to do this, almost two million pounds.

£2 million a day. 

The UK is phasing out coal, due by 2025. So Drax wants to switch to gas. At exactly the time when we need to be phasing out all fossil fuel use, leaving most known reserves in the ground in order to avoid severe climate breakdown and catastrophe, Drax has applied to build the U.K’s largest ever gas power plant.


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