Greens condemn bloodbath happening in Gaza

15 May 2018

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas speaks out on Israeli troops opening fire on Gaza demonstrators.

"There is a bloodbath happening in Gaza, with hundreds of Palestinians shot by Israeli forces.

"The British Government must act with others to urge Israel to stop this violence.

"And we must immediately end the arms trade with this deeply repressive regime."

Martin Deane, Green Party Hull, continues,

"Israel has literally dozens of UN resolutions against it, qualifying it as the world's worst rogue state due to its treatment of Palestinians - a fact made worse by it being adamant that it's completely law abiding!

"As Britain calls regularly for regime change for Assad in Syria, we must confront our silence in calling for regime change for Netanyahu and Israel. Anything less is the hypocrisy of a double standard.

"We need sanctions on Israel. End the arms trade with Israel now."