Green coverage and the 5p bag charge

30 April 2018

"Hull today gets yet another blast of Ukip while the Greens are sidelined on a pre-recorded clip," argues Martin Deane of Hull area Green Party and lead candidate in Avenue ward in the local elections this Thursday.

"This is today's live debate on Radio Humberside. - and I've written to them on the problem of excluding us before.

Nationally, Ukip have collapsed electorally. Greens are standing a record 2200 candidates cross country, to Ukip's 500.

"Outlets should have us on live as an alternate voice to the grey politics dragging Britain down.

"Ukip's collapse is because 1. People think they've won their 'single issue', and 2. Don't realise Greens and Lib Dems both want a second referendum on the final deal - which might overturn it!

"To be fair, the BBC are the best at giving us some coverage. Other stations and papers we hardly hear from in a year.

"But even the BBC, when they contact us, it's invariably for an environmental issue - despite reporters being well aware we have 40 years of progressive social policy we've been deliberately pushing since 2010 - and shaming Labour into leaving its Blairite agenda.

"Thankfully it has - because Britain has been killing a startling number of its own people through austerity policy - an estimated extra 120,000 since 2010.

"But even on the environment, instead of plastic bottles, and comment on any old fig-leaf government policy, they've omitted the recent EU total ban on neonicotinoids - to affect almost every farmer in the area!

"Worse - will that ban survive Brexit?"

"Finally, are people aware of the true cost 5p bag charge?? This was won by the Lib Dems in 2014 - and in exchange the Tories tighten benefit sanctions.

"So for the privilege of buying plastic bags, we enable government to kick the poorest while they're down.

"How horribly cynical."


Martin Deane

07935 036211