Bombs do not stop violence. They ARE violence.

13 April 2018

PHOTO: Joe Solo performing at Queen's Gardens, Hull

On war, by Joe Solo

A little over a century ago two spoilt children fell out and a supporting cast of unpopular political makeweights took sides hoping to boost their own ratings.

The result was 10 million dead.

The repercussions of that war led to a second one in which 60 million died.

The subsequent Cold War which included further conflict in Korea and Vietnam, also led to the propping up of violent dictatorships in Africa and the Middle East as US and Soviet arms and money was thrown at some of the most unspeakably vile human beings in order to prop up regimes sympathetic to one ideology or the other.

And in among all that the formation of Israel.

These directly lead to where we are now.

And if Trump, Putin, Macron and May can't see themselves in the historical mirror I held up in the first paragraph it is because their egos won't allow it. If the various political and military voices at play here can't see their folly mirrored in the mistakes of their predecessors then it is THEIR egos blinding them also.

Bombs do not stop violence.

They ARE violence.

It is time the world grew up and looked to solve this like adults in the very meeting rooms conflict inevitably leads to anyway.

If we refuse to learn from history, if we cannot learn from our mistakes, we have no right to refer to ourselves as intelligent or civilised beings.

We become inhuman.