Bottled water - a problem which shouldn't exist

8 April 2018


This is how Greens think.

1. Reduce 2. Reuse 3. Recycle.

They're in ORDER and it's important.

Take the Tories getting uppity about plastic bottles. This comes from Blue Planet when Sir David Attenborough got political.

We smile thinly as his 'political' is where the Greens were 40 years ago. Bless!

Frankly the bottled water industry in Britain is one that shouldn't exist.

All tap water is drinking quality, and it rains a lot.

If you really can't make it from one place to another without water, by all means carry a bottle - but let it be YOUR bottle and not one you buy every other day!

The advent of a deposit scheme promotes Plastic Bottles from DIVISION 3: RECYCLE to DIVISION 2: REUSE. Good. This will have a knock-on effect reducing usage. Good too.

But total reduction of single use bottled water isn't what's being targeted.

Instead we're getting a deposit industry on top of a particular plastic stream we don't need in Britain!

When Greens say REDUCE, we don't mean reduce your plastic bottle consumption to, say, one a month - we mean reduce your total consumption of everything! S

The ideal result is living without an industry devoted to water in plastic bottles! By the way, there are more microplastics in bottled water than there are in tap water, independent studies show. So tap is healthier! 

It's a great example of how profligate we are materially - without realising it - and how we come up with solutions to problems which shouldn't exist!