Have we just killed their pets!? Yes.

6 April 2018

UPDATE: Yes, from The Guardian - and there may have been a second cat. All 3 were incinerated at Porton Down. 

The Skripals had pets, a Persian cat and two guinea pigs. Former Col. Sergei Skripal had brought them all over from Russia at a cost of thousands of pounds, according to friends.

One article has them removed for tests, after their vet made contact with the police, shortly after the attack a month ago. 


The HuffPo tells us - the cat was"put down by Government scientists", "after it was discovered by investigators to be “very unwell” and being severely malnourished at Skripal’s Wiltshire home" -  presumably after not being fed for a month! 

"According to The S*n, two pet guinea pigs died of thirst at the property as their owner lay in hospital in a critical condition" 

Were they returned to the house and sealed in, with no further thought?

The cat was a £1500 Persian (estimated by the S*n). The two guinea pigs and the cat died.

Further, they are all reported as destroyed at Porton Down. "The cat’s body was incinerated to remove the threat of any trace of the deadly substance. Sergei’s guinea pigs were also destroyed at the lab."

The guinea pigs from dehydration and the cat 'put down' by the vet after being found in a distressed state. 

A lot of media, including the Guardian are trying to spin this as suspicious - but it seems the animals were left in the sealed house, not fed or given water for nearly a month! So obviously the cat was in a distressed state.

Left alone and starving by people who clearly had other priorities.

Quite horrible.