TJ White for Pickering Ward

26 March 2018

As a Green, and together with the people, we believe that profit has no place in our NHS.

We are committed to public trasport, to making it attractive, accessible and people's first choice.

Greens are passionate about wanting to renationalise our railways, and for Hull, to make walking and cycling increasingly attractive, making the most of the city's landscape.

We have green energy factories on our doorstep, but we need to integrate our own city's energy into renewables.

PHOTO: TJ White standing for Pickering

I care deeply about education and the provision of high quality services for young people, yet instead of a Green vision of relaxed child-centred learning, we have an education system almost entirely geared around testing, SATs and Ofsted inspections. 

Greens provide the only real alternative to politics-as-usual.

To elect a Green councillor would be a great signal to the city and beyond that this is our statement: we believe in sustainability, in social equality, in investing for the future and in working for the Common Good.


Hull to cost most-disabled people £27 a week extra


Stand up for Renters.

Stand up for Our NHS.

Stand up for Young People.

Stand up for Our Rights.

Stand up for Our Environment.