Mike Lammiman for Beverley & Newland

26 March 2018

For radical change, for our children’s futures

Greens want to see a society that puts environmental and social justice first.

We're so concerned by the lack of action on global warming and air quality.

Along with quality affordable housing, job security, equality and wellbeing in society, these are some of the issues are issues we would like to see tackled as a matter of urgency.


Greens believe austerity needs to end

We believe austerity needs to end.  We're dismayed at the current dismantling of the NHS, we support the Save Our NHS campaign and want to see public services brought back into public ownership.

Mike was born in Hull and was raised within the constituency and currently works at the University of Hull. He left Hull in 1979 for family reasons and returned in 2002 to make at least half of Hull City's fixtures easier to attend.

Newland, the second most popular Green area

Mike lives with his partner - a primary school teacher at a Hull school - and two children, close to Newland & Beverley ward. In 2015 Mike polled over 500 votes, making Newland, as it was then, the second most popular Green voting ward in Council elections.

Former university UCU president

A significant part of Mike’s role at the university is as elected trade union officer (past president and current caseworker, providing help to over 150 union members to date).

Mike was president of the Hull and District Trades Council last year, and is currently VP of the University branch of UCU and of Hull Trades Council.


Mike Lammiman for Beverley & Newland