Kevin Paulson for Holderness

26 March 2018

About me


        I have lived in Hull for 14 years, during which I have worked as a Senior Lecturer in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Hull.

My professional research activities has brought more than one million pounds into Hull and funded projects developing telehealth for people living with dementia and introducing climate change models into the global regulation of the radio spectrum.

About my politics


            As a child, I grew up in a community where children could play on the streets and could walk or cycle to school independently. I treasure these aspects of my childhood, but they have largely disappeared from Hull. This is not the case in other places where community spaces are optimised for the community, rather than for people for whom the community is just in-the-way.

I will push for the identification of Safe Routes to Schools and the development of Home Zones, as these will empower our children to lead full lives, with more independence than they have now, and strengthen our communities.

Hull: the UK's second most flood-vulnerable urban area 

          Hull is on the leading edge of climate change. It is already the second most flood vulnerable urban area in the UK. Sea level rise and increased incidence of storms will make all our homes more vulnerable to the ravages and destruction of flooding.

There is a lot that your local council can do to help both reduce the risk to your home and mitigate the effects of flooding. The floods of 2007 affected us all and it is only a matter of time before we face a similar threat. Now is the time to prepare and protect.

Hull and the Humber region are leading the UK in the development of wind energy and other local energy schemes. These are a big opportunity for good jobs, energy security and improving our quality of life and environment.

There are opportunities through neighbourhood energy schemes, and adjustments to council houses, that can reduce our energy bills while making us more comfortable, reducing dependence on overseas resources and reduce pollution and our effects on the climate.

A vote for a grey party means more of the same.

Voting Green is a win-win option.