“Peace and love is the answer to terrorism”

26 May 2017

“We must not let terrorism prevent the democratic process from carrying on as normal,” said Michael Jackson, Green Party Candidate in East Yorkshire. 

The Green Party has resumed campaigning in the General Election following the minutes silence at
11AM today. The campaign was suspended following the terrible events in Manchester on Monday night.

However now is the time to carry on and get the message out about what the Green Party stands for and the important issues at stake in this coming election.

“Causing disruption to our democratic freedoms is the goal they want to achieve and we must show solidarity in the face terror.”

Mike is standing on local area issues such as the threat of fracking as well as national concerns like stopping the privatisation of the NHS under the Tories and dealing with climate change, which is affecting farming.

“Peace and love is the answer to these issues of terrorism” said Mike “We must get through this
with compassion and understanding; forgiveness and negotiation. That is the only way that
terrorism comes to an end when all parties are sick of the killing and at last come to the
negotiating table.”

“I don't want to criticize other political parties because the Greens believe that we should be all
working together for the common good.

"Having a majority government that says one thing and an opposition that says another for the sake of it is not working for our country.

"Greens work together to solve the problems we all face. I am concerned to hear that some parties are calling for severe action on immigration and restrictions on the free practice of religions using recent events as an excuse for the sensationalism that we all encounter every day in ourgovernment and media.

"The Green Party believes that we are all better than that. These terrorists are merely extremist fanatics, nothing to do with the Islamic faith on the whole.”

Mike will be attending the hustings at the Priory Church, Bridlington at 7.30 pm on Mon 5th June
along with the other candidates. Greens urge residents to attend if they want to find out more
about the issues in the upcoming election.


Mike Jackson is the Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in East Yorkshire and will appear
on the ballot paper as Green Party Stop Fracking Now

For more information on the green party follow Mike on Twitter @Green_M_Jackson or
@TheGreenParty and online https://yorkshireandhumber.greenparty.org.uk .