Ban fox hunting and keep it banned!

24 May 2017

Fox hunting is wrong. Greens work to maintain the foxhunting ban and the Green Party is committed to the Hunting Act and closing its loopholes.
Here are some further Green Party animal rights policies:
1. The Green Party is keen to protect and increase investment levels in the
National Wildlife Crime Unit, which the government has previously threatened to scrap. Greens are committed to stopping illegal wildlife trading and this would include using the Border Force CITES team.
2. Green Party policy already includes a domestic ivory trade ban for ivory.
3. The Green Party would favour tougher sentencing for illegal wildlife trading. Note this is under threat from a hard Brexit which could well scrap aspects of the law on this.
4. Existing Green Party policy would ban third party sales of puppies (unless the mother is included).
5. The Green Party is committed to the Hunting Act, as above, would close loopholes and commit to not repeal it.
6. The Green Party is already working to try to ensure that all EU animal welfare legislation is protected and transferred to UK law.
7. The Green Party has condemned those governments who seek, through the International Whaling Commission and otherwise, to continue whaling. Greens continue to call on all governments to outlaw whaling.
8. The Green Party has led the fight for an end to the badger cull. It is ineffective, expensive and inhumane. It is poor and cruel policy based on a bad reading of science.
You can find the entire Green Party manifesto for animals here: