Mike Lammiman, for Hull West and Hessle

10 May 2017

Mike asks, What does this election mean to you? -

If it’s about social justice, if it’s about properly funding the NHS, if it’s about challenging the ideology of academy schools, or looking for a harmonious relationship with Europe, then look no further.


When I first joined the Green Party, I became aware that Greens had many of the answers to the problems we face as humanity.

You name it, humanity is driving a steamroller through it: rainforests, topsoil, fisheries, fresh water, species diversity, DNA after GMOs, the depletion of resources.

Then instead of addressing these, what does Government do? They give a trillion pounds to the banks and make us pay for it in jobs, services and the cost of living! We're the 6th richest nation! We want an end to austerity now.

We need leaders now who are prepared to confront social injustice and environmental degradation; MPs who know the score on inequality, on social issues and resource decline. Greens will take on the major parties in Parliament, the banks and giant corporations.

Greens want an end to the NHS in crisis. Staff are under tremendous pressure. We want a professional national health service that works for all, without the costs of private providers. We should bring up NHS spending to the level of our European neighbours.

In education, half of teachers nationally want to leave. The more the profession oppresses teachers, the more we’re failing to invest in the future.

The vast majority of people in Britain want a national rail service. Greens have always campaigned for this and want to see it now.

We really do need serious commitment and investment in equality, and in a greener and more sustainable future.



More about Mike Lammiman

Mike was born in Hull, raised within the constituency, and currently works at the University of Hull. Mike left Hull in 1979 for family reasons - and returned in 2002 to make at least half of Hull City's fixtures easier to attend. He lives with his partner - a primary school teacher at a school within the city - and two children close to the Newland ward where he has stood as a  local election candidate. In 2015 he polled over 500 votes, making Newland the second most popular Green voting area in Council elections.

Mike Lammiman is standing to see a society that puts environmental and social justice first and is concerned at the lack of action on global warming and air quality. Along with high standard affordable housing, job security, equality and a lack of wellbeing in society, these are some of the issues are issues he would like to see tackled as a matter of urgency.

Mike Lammiman believes urgently that austerity needs to end and agrees with the Green Party’s plans to pay down the deficit in a manageable way:

"I am is dismayed at the current dismantling of the NHS and as a supporter of the Save Our NHS campaign, would like to see the increasing health privatisation reversed and healthcare brought back into public ownership."

A significant part of Mike’s role at the university is as an elected trade union officer. Mike is a past president of his union, and currently a caseworker providing help to over 150 union members to date. In 2015-16 Mike was president of the Hull and District Trades Council.


For all our futures. Vote Green.


Hull West and Hessle