Julia Brown, Green Party Candidate for Hull East


I have been a teacher for over 15 years and care deeply about the future of education and the provision of high quality services for young people.

The Green Party has grown rapidly in the past 3 years and reflects a changing mood in the UK. In step with the people, we believe that profit has no place in our NHS, we should renationalise our railways, and we must achieve our own energy security through renewables.

As the Green MP for Hull East I would also vote for a second referendum on the EU. A hard Brexit could be disastrous for import businesses even if a weaker pound is better for exports.

I strongly believe that the Greens provide the only real alternative to politics-as-usual.
To elect a Green MP for the city would be the greatest signal to the rest of the UK and beyond that this is our statement: we believe in sustainability, in social equality, in investing for the future and in working for the Common Good.


Stand up for Renters.

Stand up for Our NHS.

Stand up for Young People.

Stand up for Our Rights.

Stand up for Our Environment.

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