Local Election Candidates – 2nd May 2019


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East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Beverley Rural


Phil Grimes

Born and educated in Beverley, Phil now lives with his young family in Newbald. A local businessman focusing on the refurbishment and recycling of used shop and catering equipment, Phil is also active in the local community in his role as chairman of the Newbald Playing Field Association and organiser of the annual village gala.


East Wolds & Coastal


Michael Jackson

Mike Jackson lives in Nafferton where he works as a surveyor in a local business. He was on Parish Council for several years helping with the village playground, village website and the work on the Rec Club. Mike worked as a scientist after getting a PhD in physics then when the kids came along moved back to East Yorkshire with the family. He is involved in several local clubs and particularly with local music pub folk sessions and local band gigs.



John Scullion

I have lived in the ward for 12 years, and have served as a School Governor and Parish Councillor. I am currently the local volunteer coordinator for Sustrans, the charity which develops and maintains the National Cycle Network.

Local elections should be about local issues, but are inevitably dominated by national politics, largely because councils are dependent on national government for funding. Deliberate government policy has inflicted massive cuts to public services in our area.

Meanwhile, Parliament is paralysed by the most serious political crisis in living memory – a crisis which was self-inflicted in a botched attempt to hold the ruling party together. Three years on, the most incompetent government in my lifetime is still fighting with itself, aided and abetted by an equally shambolic official opposition.

While the political energy of the country is consumed by a single divisive issue, it is left to our young people to draw attention to the real issues affecting their future – such as housing, fracking, air pollution and climate change. This government is woefully complacent when it comes to the real crisis facing us – the climate crisis - with a worrying link between those pushing hard for the UK to leave the EU and those who deny the reality of climate change.

Politics in this country is broken, and to fix it will require radical change – but change that will not drag us towards the divisive rhetoric of the far right. As the late Jo Cox MP said - we have more in common than that which divides us; we must work together for political change which will benefit the whole country, not just the rich and powerful. A strong Green vote in this election will send a clear message in favour of that radical change.



Ollie Smith

Ollie is an artist and musician working in the NHS.




Angela Stone

I am an active member of the local community in Howden primarily for my work as General Manager of the community hub Howden Shire Hall and also as a small business owner running the popular independent Yoga Studio Step Up Studio for the past 6 years.

Since moving to Howden 15 years ago, I have contributed to the community as a previous Chair of Howden Pre School, a Governor for Barmby on the Marsh Primary School and continue to offer Drama and Yoga/Fitness Sessions to Howden Infants and Junior Schools. I have recently started working more closely with Howden High School – assisting with Year 11 mock interviews and have plans to work with their PE Department to deliver wellbeing/mindfulness training for teachers to cascade to students preparing from exams to deliver techniques to cope with stress and anxiety.

I also run my own professional theatre company as director/performer – Cast in Stone. Outreach work includes engagement and workshop sessions with Howden Scouts.


North Holderness


Paul Davey



Pocklington Provincial


Peter Ingram

I have been a resident of Pocklington since 2004 and work as an IT Consultant for York based charities. Prior to this I was actively involved in local politics in Cambridge, successfully lobbying for a new purpose built music and theatre venue for young people. I am deeply concerned about the climate crisis and have attended courses at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

I believe that it is important for the Green Party to have a positive influence in the region and to be strongly represented on the East Riding Council.


Pauline Fothergill

Following a career in publishing and education I became involved in the Transition Town Movement, and led the Thatcham Vision Environment Team. Retirement brought me back to Yorkshire roots. My motivation is today’s children, and wanting to see a cleaner, safer, fairer, and sustainable world for them, and for future generations, to enjoy.

To ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ I would add the need for Respect and Responsibility.


St Mary's


Mike Farman

A resident of Beverley for ten years, I am a retired engineer who worked as a Principal Scientific Officer at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and as an engineer under contract to NASA. I am deeply concerned about the effects of climate change on the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. I have seen the disastrous effects of fracking in the USA and I am campaigning in the UK to keep fossil fuels in the ground. I want our local councils to be more responsive to the needs of residents, particularly those who are struggling to make ends meet.





Hull City Council


Avenue Ward – Mike Lammiman

Mike Lammiman has lived in the Avenues for twelve years with his family, and works for Hull University, within the NHS.  Mike has campaigned for many years for improved working conditions and rights at work, a publicly owned NHS, and against oil and gas exploration in East Yorkshire.


Beverley and Newland – Debbie Newton

I am Debbie Newton, I have lived in Kingston Upon Hull all my life, and in the Beverley and Newland Ward for the past 15 years. I graduated in 2007 with a BA (hons) Arts and Humanities from the university of Hull. I have worked in a variety of Hull primary schools for the last 20 years. I currently teach English and Maths functional skills part-time at a motor vehicle training college in Hull. I have also recently started my own small business, Vegan Sweet Boxes (vegansweetboxes.com) and sell vegan confection online. Furthermore, I am on the executive committee of a classic car club: The East Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club, where I advertise events and run all their social media channels.

Over the past few years I have become very passionate about politics, especially The Green Party.


Boothferry – Luke Shaw

With problems such as climate change or rising income inequality not being challenged enough by our main political parties, I hope to offer an alternative focused on substantive change.


Bricknell – Not up for election this year


Derringham – Bryan Berue

Married to Debbie, I have two children growing up in the Derringham Ward.
I have recently set up a small pottery business after 20 year's employment at Hull College.


Drypool – John Allison-Walsh


Holderness – Helene Marks

I am a mother and grandmother, and have lived in this ward for most of my adult years. An ardent environmentalist, I first joined the Green Party, at that time called the Ecology Party, approximately 40 years ago. I am a member of Friends of the Earth and the Marine Conservation Society, and a supporter of Greenpeace.


Ings – Julia Brown

I would like to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally to people’s lives. I want to introduce radical reform to the ways we treat people in society, particularly the most vulnerable. As a teacher, I am passionate about giving young people real choices. We seek to reduce the impact of mental health problems largely caused by an out of date education system that stifles creative thought and expression. In my personal life, I am aiming to reduce my use of plastic as far as possible, and spend a lot of my time educating others about how to do this – in my job, through formal workshops and by modelling this to friends and family.

I believe a better world is possible and I am willing to stand up and speak for it.


Kingswood – Mark Atherton


North Carr – James Russell

James has lived in Hull for over twenty years, and works at the Environment Agency in Beverley. He has worked and volunteered with several local charities, and is currently the Chair of Trustees at Hull Independent Cinema.


St Andrews and Docklands – Michael Havard

I believe that our current environmental situation is the gravest issue facing us all and should be the most important topic on every political agenda.


Sutton – Richard Howarth

Richard Howarth is Yorkshire born and bred, and has lived in Hull for 7 years.  He has been a biodiesel engineer, an assistant accountant for a major development charity, and has in interest high quality, low energy living.  He took direct action on his typical Hull terraced house, transforming it in to the region's first low energy Superhome, giving tours to hundreds of people: inglehome.co.uk

He believes austerity to be vicious, cruel, and utterly unnecessary in the 6th richest country in the world.

Richard has been a Green Party member for many years, fighting for a Fair Economy, Public NHS, Free Education, Decent Homes, and Better Transport. But you can't have any of that without a Safe Climate.

"I can not stand by while our government facilitates climate genocide."


University – Not Up for election this year





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